My name is Kyle Nicodemus. I attended school at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where I graduated with a degree in Networking and Systems Administration. I previously worked as a DevOps Engineer for Global Thinking / More Vang in Alexandria, VA and currently work as an Enterprise Account Engineer / Technical Account Manager for Amazon Web Services.

I'm a security expert, system administrator, and fan of open source technologies. I enjoy working in large scale environments and am especially interested in cyber security, automation technologies, and monitoring tools. On this site, under Articles, you'll find overviews I've written on some of the problems I've run into and solved. The plan was, if it's something there isn't already a useful guide I can find for, or if a script doesn't already exist, I'll try to put together an article and share it there. I'll also write posts about any interesting projects I'm working on or tools I've developed.

On this site you will find information about my interests, skills, and experience. In the upper right, you can find links to my Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, email, and any other account that seems important enough to share. Feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have.